TRADITIONAL/NONE:  This is our original gem that has been the highest quality photo jigsaw puzzle since 1972.  Made from High Quality Premium Photo Paper with your image, adhered to High Quality Chip Board, and cut into your choice of our MANY styles.  Our Traditional Photo Jigsaw Puzzle will never go out of style!

CHUNKY: A new style of puzzle that is taking the world by storm!  We adhere high quality synthetic rubber to a traditional photo puzzle to give you a thick, easy to grasp, fantastic new product.  Great for all generations!  Chunky comes in thicknesses of 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 3/4 inch.  Select this add-on to make your puzzle CHUNKY today!

MAGNETIC: Our personalized magnetic photo puzzles are available in "8x10","11x14", and "16x20" size puzzles in various amounts of puzzle pieces. The cardboard back is completely covered with a 100% magnetic surface.

WOOD: Your favorite photo or anything printed on paper is glued on 1/8" Italian Poplar Wood and die cut into a 12, 25, 30 or 130 piece interlocking laminated photo jigsaw puzzle.

MYSTERY: The puzzler must first assemble the "covered" pieces of the puzzle, forming a completely blank jigsaw puzzle. The next step is to carefully peel off the "coating" of each of the puzzle pieces. Now, piece by piece part of the image of the puzzle is exposed. Finally, the full photo is revealed and the mystery is solved.