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We manufacture superb quality special coated Precut Blank SUBLIMATION JIGSAW PUZZLES. Our product line includes a large variety of sizes, shapes and amount of pieces in the puzzle. Sublimation jigsaw puzzles are available in MATTE and COATED surfaces.

JOSLIN SUBLIMATION PUZZLES produce extremely bright, vivid colors and very fine detail. There is no mottling of color and our puzzles are completely interlocking and easily snap apart.

Create your own Photo Jigsaw Puzzle in the comfort of your home. Each puzzle kit contains Precut Blank Jigsaw Puzzles, Color Laser Transfer Paper and simple instructions. Choose from the following assortment of 29 different kits, that contain a variety of sizes, shapes and amount of puzzle pieces.


We are the only USA manufacturer of Inkjet, Laser, and Extreme Hi Gloss Sublimation jigsaw puzzles.

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