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Special Needs Puzzles

Special Needs Puzzles
Imagine your special needs child or adult assembling a Photo Jigsaw Puzzle of themselves, their pet, family, friend or familiar scene.

At the same time, this "therapy game" will surely help teach, develop and hopefully maintain long lost skills that are necessary to lead as "active" a life as possible.

As eyesight, motor skills, dexterity and concentration deteriorate, assembling a jigsaw puzzle becomes more of a challenge. We have developed a series of LARGE, EASY GRIP, LAMINATED, completely interlocking puzzle pieces which will go a "long" way in helping fit each puzzle piece together.


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We DO manufacture the best quality jigsaw puzzle with full lamination to preserve colors for years to come. An organza bag for your broken up puzzle and a mini guide print of your image is also included. This is key when putting together our difficult styles!

Statistics as of January 1st, 2014