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Challenger Puzzle

Challenger Puzzle
A difficult but do-able personalized photo jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of the Challenger Jigsaws are handcrafted by an experienced puzzle maker utilizing their skills and imagination...

To start off with, forget about starting the puzzle with the traditional straight edge borders. Challenger Jigsaws have irregular borders which contain "Outies" (knob/tab), the penetrating puzzle piece and "Innies", the holes into which they fit.

The "inside" of the puzzle contains a conglomeration of puzzle pieces including false straight edge and corner pieces to confuse the most indulgent puzzler. Now add a confusing variety of "Outies" and "Innies" puzzle pieces that do not appear to fit together. A challenge to be sure!


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We DO manufacture the best quality jigsaw puzzle with full lamination to preserve colors for years to come. An organza bag for your broken up puzzle and a mini guide print of your image is also included. This is key when putting together our difficult styles!

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